The Gran Fino Connecticut offers a perfect composition of fine silky smooth Connecticut-shade broadleaf wrapper with a wonderful blend of Cuban Criollo 98 binder combined with Cuban-seed Dominican-grown Ligero, Nicaraguan Estelí, and Pennsylvania tobacco filler for a full flavored luxurious smoke that is both richly creamy and complex.  The Gran Fino has an unmistakably elegant character doused in notes of espresso and honey with a sweet toasty finish  and enchanting aroma that is sure to elevate any relaxing occasion to a divine experience of the senses.  

The Serie 32 Habano uses a rich, properly aged blend of mostly Cuban Criollo 98 seed varietals that imbue this cigar with its full-bodied taste that is reminiscent of vintage old school Cuban cigars starting with its exquisite Ecuadorean Habano broad leaf wrapper.  The masterful blend of Cuban-seed Dominican-grown Corojo, Ligero, and Seco, coupled with a strong base of Nicaraguan Estelí and  Pennsylvania Ligero provide the perfect balance of smooth flavor and rich complexity that envelops your palate with a satisfying aftertaste of sweet spices and a nutty essence leaving behind an unmistakable aroma that soothes the senses of the most discerning cigar connoisseur.  

The Heavyweight Maduro is a wonderfully full-bodied cigar that packs a powerful punch unlike any other on the market today.  This high-octane powerhouse of a cigar weighs in with a potent blend of Cuban Criollo 98 binder blended with Nicaraguan Estelí, Pennsylvania tobacco, and Dominican Ligero filler, dressed in a deliciously dark Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper.  The Heavyweight comes out of its corner swinging with a combination of strong spicy notes of pepper and jabs of leather on the palate making it the undisputed serious cigar for the serious smoker.    


The Cuban Crown PRIVATE RESERVE box-pressed cigar features a dark Mexican Wrapper and a masterfully crafted PRIVATE RESERVE binder and filler. This Exquisite smoke features a smooth taste with an oak & citrus flavor.

Master Blends' cigars are made with select complimentary wrappers, fillers, and binders from around the globe and then aged at least 3 years before finally being hand rolled into a perfectly matured cigar that lives up to our time-honored Cuban family tradition.  Our Manolos & Cuban Crowns are then stored in a special aging room for an additional 12 months until they are delicately packaged in our Spanish cedar encasements for your enjoyment.  The finished product is a robust masterpiece that simply looks good, draws well, burns evenly, tastes great and delivers an exceptionally satisfying smoke, culminating in a truly unforgettable experience for even the most discerning palate – every time.  Aficionados never settle for anything but the finest. That's why aficionados prefer Master Blends Cigars. Each of our Cuban Heritage lines are available for your enjoyment in a variety of shapes and styles including Robusto, Toro, and Double Toro.  We welcome you to enjoy them all.