On January 5, 2015 Monolo Estate was born, but our history goes back more than three generations.

From the mile-square city located on the banks of the Hudson River – best known as the birthplace of legendary singer Frank Sinatra, the Home of Baseball, and the landmark culinary establishment of Carlo’s Bakery comes Manolo Estate Handmade Cigars.   

The release of Manolo Estate Handmade Cigars marks the team of Luis Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Rojas’ official foray into the cigar industry following their initial role as purveyors of fine premium cigars at their tobacconist shops, Ash Fine Cigars located at 203 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ and 2915 Rt. 23 South in Newfoundland, NJ.  While their passion for premium cigars originally drove them to providing their clients with access to their ever increasingly popular specialty house blends, the two partners always knew it would ultimately take more to satisfy their quest for the best.            

After a long and spirited smoke-filled journey in pursuit of the world’s greatest cigars, co-founders Luis Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Rojas have navigated from the deepest recesses of their collective childhood memories recalling the enchanting aroma of Cuban cigars to Tamboril, Domincan Repúblic to create a collection of master blends that is worthy of their Cuban family legacy.  The final product of that relentless sojourn is Manolo Estate Handmade Cigars. 

Proudly named after both Juan Carlos Rojas’ father Manuel “Manolo” Rojas and Luis Gutiérrez’s great-grandfather Don Manuel “Manolo” Gutiérrez, the birth of this new line pays homage to the time-honored Cuban craftsmanship of both their families’ having hand-rolled premium cigars for more than three generations.  Manolo Estate Handmade Cigars blends their families’ time honored traditions with the nuances of carefully crafted experimentation and inspired innovation that they believe will be the benchmark of their continued success of the Master Blends Cigar Company.      

Manolos are made with only the most avid cigar smokers in mind and are not intended for the meek in palate that’s why each of our blends packs a flavorful punch according to their category of strength.
— Juan Rojas, Co-Founder

The Manolo Estate Cuban Heritage Line includes three premium blends including the Gran Fino Connecticut, Serie 32 Habano and the undisputed Heavyweight Maduro.  These blends feature a masterful combination of premium tobaccos that reach a near perfect balance of complexity, flavor, consistency and aroma culminating in a divine experience that should be a required rite of passage for every cigar aficionado seeking to try the next great premium cigar.  

We aimed to imbue each blend with only the best materia prima from around the world so that each individual smoke provides a lasting experience that only a true top contender can offer.
— Luis Guiterrez, Co-Founder